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Trump To Hope Hicks: 'You're The Best Piece Of Tail' Married Corey Lewandowski Will Ever Have, Says New Book

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What's Behind the Rumors of an Affair Between Nikki Haley and Trump

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Donald Trump Sex Tape? Penthouse Might Have Proof Of Russian Golden Shower Gate

But at this point, many had become enraged by the perceived hypocrisy among liberal feminists, saying they have long decried misogynistic rumors and attacks on Democratic women but did not spring en masse to the defense of Haley, a Republican.

  • Penthouse, too, has a history of publishing questionable materials.

Did Hope Hicks Lie About Her Role in Trump’s Stormy Daniels Porno Payoff?

The veracity of allegations can vary widely, with some allegations publicly confirmed, others unconfirmed, but, according to and host , none are disproven.

  • It also alleges that Russia sought to damage 's candidacy, including sharing negative information about Clinton with the Trump campaign.

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