Extract knowledge from your videos

Nobody wants to watch hours of recordings. With VideoNote, you can easily find the exact 5 minutes where the important topic is covered. Using advanced machine learning algorithms for video content analysis, we index your video content and make it searchable.


Decide exactly who gets to see what with fine-grained access control, and rest easy with constant backups.

Machine learning

Using advanced AI and machine learning, we automatically extract key concepts from your videos.

Inspire engagement

Comments and peer-based usage keep your users engaged and up-to-date on what's relevant and popular.


Powerful analytics let you examine where, when, and how your videos are watched.

Education and Training

VideoNote was built from the ground up to be optimized for education and training environments. Case in point: check out this recent study at Cornell University, which found that student VideoNote usage during a semester improved grades by 9.5%.

Experiment with "Flipped Classrooms": videos are viewed asynchronously by students in advance of group discussion. Professors can easily upload recorded video content and share it with a group of students, without making it publicly viewable.

Enhance your training programs based on analytics: track most watched video sections, sections with many questions or rated as most difficult.

Conferences and Knowledge Management

Many industry conferences and events have very valuable content that doesn’t get recorded, saved, or monetized. Use the VideoNote platform to organize your videos, make them searchable and potentially monetize this valuable content, for instance, by selling virtual conference passes.

  • Record content with your phone and upload it with a click of a button
  • Organize your videos into Channels and share the link the participants
  • Allow conference attendees to engage more with the content and search it after the event is over

If your company creates large amounts of recordable video/audio content (trainings, demonstrations, meeting recordings) that is currently opaque and non-searchable, consider setting up a VideoNote library: we will index your videos and optimize content for discovery.

How it works

The VideoNote workflow is simple and intuitive, yet versatile

  • 1

    Upload recorded videos

    Upload your videos from any device. Videos are automatically transcoded, indexed and searchable within a few hours.

  • 2

    Organize your videos into Channels

    Group videos in Channels to create learning tracks

  • 3

    Share the link with authorized users

    You have full control on defining who can view, edit, comment or share your videos.

  • 4

    Monitor and analyze user engagement

    Get insights based on detailed analysis of viewing patterns and most popular topics.


At the core of our solution is indexing video content with notes - summaries of the key concepts - and linking them to the right time in the video


These features are built into our platform and included with all VideoNote packages.


Search through all video content, not just titles. Navigate to the exact moment in the video and explore by clicking on notes - summaries of the key concepts linked to a video moment. Or browse content based on the popular videos or sections.


Keep the utmost control over your content. Prevent users from unauthorized saving and distribution of your videos. Control access with secure links requiring authentication.


Learn in detail about how your content is consumed, with everything from in-depth popularity metrics to video watching habits. Monitor and respond to your users.


Group your videos in channels to create learning tracks or organize your content based on themes.


Discover what topics other viewers are finding particularly difficult or interesting.


Bookmark or favorite specific topics as well as entire videos for easy access and recollection of content.


Our support team ensures your issues are resolved quickly, so your users can always access your videos.

Fully Responsive

Watch your videos on any device, in any browser. The presentation of your video content is optimized for mobile delivery.


Whether you're serving a hundred or a hundred thousand views per month, just pay for what you use.

Tailored For Your Needs

We can customize our product based on your requirements.

Client Oriented

We want to deliver the solution you need. Share your vision with us.


We are constantly innovating using the latest machine learning technology for video analysis.


We have experience covering conferences and events around the globe.


From Universities to Global conferences, VideoNote is highly ranked among our customers.


We offer competitive pricing options. Pay only for what you use.

Single Class Package

$199 / month

  • Single class only
  • Ideal for Flipped Classroom
  • You record your videos
  • Access Control and Sharing
  • Video Indexing, Search and Analytics

Enterprise Package


  • Integration with Authentication systems
  • Ideal for Universities or Company-wide access
  • Optional video capture (additional cost)
  • Access Control and Sharing
  • Video Indexing, Search and Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us for more information.

Can you record my event for me?

We offer professional videographer services at an additional cost.

VideoNote empowers users to do the recordings on their own. You can even use your mobile phone and upload recorded video with a click of a button. We take care of the transcoding and processing.

Can you integrate with our authentication system?

It depends on your authentication protocol.

We have experience integrating with single sign-on solutions. However, the simplest way to share your content is to send a private link to authorized users. They have to authenticate first to view the content.

How can I learn more?

Check out our public videos to get an idea of how your video content will be delivered.

We would be glad to analyze the requirements of your business to estimate the scope of the project.

Can you create a full transcript of my videos?

We are working on automating the transcription process.

Using machine learning, we extract the audio track, convert it to text and improve the quality of the auto-generated transcript. Stay tuned!

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